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Dr. Eriberto Ebert
Aug 2, 2022
 by Dr. Eriberto Ebert
location: CO

I find the representatives I talk with friendly and helpful! They answer my questions clearly and always make sure I understand things.

The site is easy to navigate on. So, I won't look anywhere else in USA to get my prescriptions filled!

Fern Corkery Sr.
Aug 1, 2022
 by Fern Corkery Sr.
location: KS

VisionPharmaRx remains my 'go to pharmacy' because of your quality medicines and terrific prices. I save about $400 monthly just on one medicine!

Clementine Davis
Jul 29, 2022
 by Clementine Davis
location: NJ

My doctor recommended VisionPharma for my prescriptions. I am so glad she did. I am saving money and getting quality drugs easily.

Lucinda Bailey
Jul 28, 2022
 by Lucinda Bailey
location: FL

Very efficient, high quality and cost-effective. So glad my physician told me about VisionPharma - I've used them for over 10 months and have been completely satisfied and would highly recommend,

Lot Ramos
Jul 26, 2022
 by Lot Ramos
location: Netherlands

I am a male in his late 60's. I use Viagra to help my relationship with my wife. Your service was recommended to me by a doctor in Olympia. Your service is excellent via the website. The price is very reasonable. Like so many aspects of life these days, in general, USA does most everything sensibly, where sadly, my country is too much about greed.

Rupert Senger
Jul 23, 2022
 by Rupert Senger
location: East Wilber, TX

VisionPharma has saved my family so much money. Their friendly customer service is AMAZING and so caring. I recommend them to all of my friends and family members that have reoccurring long term prescriptions.

Dr. Ebony Batz
Jul 22, 2022
 by Dr. Ebony Batz
location: France, Toulouse

I've been ordering prescription medication from VisionPharma for long now. Customer service has always been excellent, the medication is high quality, my order arrives on time, and I've saved TONS of money. I've recommended VisionPharma to my friends and family. It's been a lifesaver for me.

Muriel Green
Jul 22, 2022
 by Muriel Green
location: 07558 Effertz Falls Apt. 584 Bradtkefort, AR

This pharmacy has been the best resource I ever could have found! Not only are the prices reasonable but the ordering process is simple. The customer service is excellent...above average and so very helpful! Can't say enough good things!

Corene Satterfield PhD
Jul 22, 2022
 by Corene Satterfield PhD
location: New Nova, FL 33297

VisionPharma is the real deal. I initially had reservations about the whole idea of purchasing remotely, especially from across an international border. But after speaking with one of their pharmacists, the knowledgeable and courteous responses to my questions were very reassuring.


Amin Maas
Jul 22, 2022
 by Amin Maas
location: Willemsensteeg 84j 8497 KU Volkel

You guys are fabulous - I have recommended your services to dozens of people including my Doctor

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